Inner Blossoming Meditation

Inner Blossoming Meditation by Areeradh K Tri-siddha

This visualisation and breath awareness meditation create instant sense of brightness and positivity. This meditation helps us cultivate inner beauty, self-love and balance within. It is recommended to do when you have a space and time for moments of stillness or slowing down. Morning time is the best time for this meditation. Do this meditation for at least 5 min each practice.

How to

  1. Slow down or come into stillness in sitting or standing position. Balance your posture.
  2. Take a few deep gentle breaths. And as you inhale imagine filling up the belly, exhaling imagine softening the whole body.
  3. Continue this deep conscious breathing and bring into your mind’s space a vision of a flower blossom. It can be a lotus, a rose or any of your favourite flowers. Imagine this blossom in your belly or in the heart centre or inside your skull. Let your intuition guide you to the most suitable place for the flower in that moment.
  4. Allow your self to witness with your inner eyes this blossom gently opening with each in breath. Sense the fragrance of the flower oozing through your skin as you breath out. Let the sensations spread around the body.
  5. If you wish you can say to yourself a simple message to remind yourself of your positive attributes or recalling an insight. You can write this down before you begin the meditation.