At our most balanced state, we, as human beings, have great capacity for living a life with awareness, realized potential, and freedom to create our own reality moment to moment. Each of us are born with unique individual qualities, as well as being part of nature and community. Our life consistently contributes to the larger evolution.

We have a natural urge to search within to inquire about our real nature. We want true happiness, to understand our higher purpose in life and to learn how to be in alignment with that purpose.

At the core, we all want to live an inspiring life with true happiness in which we enjoy rejuvenating health, good connection, peaceful mind and inner freedom.

We experience our self as a multi-layered being living in a physical body, which is an incredibly complex and intelligent form. Through looking inwards and deep contemplation, we are able to get a glimpse of our our radiant spirit or Consciousness. Meditation, mind practices, devotion, and intelligent movement modalities such as yoga postures, intuitive dance and healing movement help us bring these layers of being into balance and alignment. It is important that we develop and prepare a good foundation that will support us towards awakening and spiritual liberation.

Living a sacred life is keeping in alignment with our true nature; in the flow of life; guided toward Consciousness.


Our vision is to create space and environment, provide tools and support for you to explore your unique self and your true purpose. What we require from you is your full commitment to yourself, your inquiry in finding your way to utilise those tools in order to live the full divine expression of your essence.

We aim to help you gain proper understanding of the goal of our human pursuit or ‘Purushartha’ as in Sanskrit term. Purushartha help us develop our awareness and make conscious choices. In order to heal, transform and live a truly meaningful life with real happiness we need to be aware of our higher duties in life and learn to live in alignment with that. It is also important that we learn to gather only the right amount of resources and material support that enable us to fulfill that purpose. Learning to be at ease with living is also an important practice that will guide us closer to true freedom.