Holistic view toward health

In living with health and vitality it is important that we take proper care of ourselves at all levels: physical, the senses, mind and spirit.  Bringing all of these layers into balance will help us prevent dis-ease as well as maximise our human capacity. Therefore we encourage our students to explore and gain deep understanding about their unique physical and mental constitution and also the great cosmic potential within. Our yoga and movement training therefore looks at a whole person as a multi-dimensional being. Because everything is connected and interdependent, we learn to maintain and cultivate all the layers together not just the dimension of the gross physical body.

Daily practice: developing a ‘yoga practitioner’s lifestyle’

The carefully structured daily schedule is designed to help us develop good discipline and progressive and steady practice to support a balanced healthy lifestyle. It is a framework, a foundation from which you can build and develop your practice further.

Based on circadian time (human body rhythm), yoga and Ayurvedic basic principles of body type and constitutions, each training offers a daily program that can be adjusted to suit your uniqueness.


Through spiritual discourse and reflection, we will explore the commentary of yoga scriptures and important texts in order to contemplate, understand and find ways to apply the key thinking into our practice. These explorations will include Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Ayurvedic Psychology.


As our core practice is based on inner cultivation, we will explore different techniques of meditation in both yoga and Buddhist traditions. We will be exploring the nature of the mind, working with our senses, cultivating the breath and developing the attitude of the heart. Chanting mantra and daily ritual will set an atmosphere for spiritual learning and develop devotion for our inner practice. At the end of the program you will be able to identify techniques that best suit your learning style and that you can take with you into your continuing practice.


To effectively conduct deep inner work, we need to be fully equipped with clear focus and a strong, well-tuned physical body. We achieve this through yoga postures, breathing and movement techniques as well as balanced diet.  This part of the training will be approached at a progressive and steady pace that encourages self-care, self-discipline, consistency and higher intention.

The asana practice will be conducted in a systematic and explorative manner and with consideration of individual needs and uniqueness. With the focus on the balance between our inner and outer selves, we will draw support from our connection to the rhythm of nature. We will encourage you to experience for yourself what each asana can bring to you.


Ayurveda is an ancient science of life dating back some 5000 years, but which remains relevant and highly beneficial to today’s contemporary life. Yoga and Ayurveda are deeply complementary and crucial for spiritual cultivation as both systems guide our awareness and actions toward balance, health and conscious living. Ayurveda gives us the knowledge and understanding of what we are made up of and our uniqueness, and that we are part of nature; yoga supports that understanding and helps bring the science into practice.

Drawing from a wealth of information from Ayurveda and yoga we’ve created a program that will help you gain true understanding of your natural self, your unique constitution and how to best support your life. You will have the opportunity to live a daily routine that includes a Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.


Other topics will include Integrated Anatomy and Physiology, Teaching Methodology, Ethics and Professionalism, How to Set Up a Yoga Teaching Practice. You will also complete teaching practicums.